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Oral surgery

Extractions/Bone Grafting/ Extraction Site Preservation

When removing a tooth it is important to consider what will be done with the empty space after that tooth is removed. If it is necessary to remove any tooth in the mouth rather than wisdom tooth, plans must be made. If a tooth is removed and nothing is done with the extraction site, the jaw bone will degenerate and change shape during healing and can cause your teeth to shift. This can create problems in your bite and affect your ability to speak and chew.

Bone grafting is where the jawbone is built up to accommodate a dental implant or other restorative device. Bone is harvested by bone banks and are a very safe source for bone donation. Many times we like to use PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) in our bone grafting procedures for better healing outcomes.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP is an all-natural biologic isolate extracted from your own blood. We take your blood the same way as in a physician’s office. Through high-speed centrifugation blood is separated into its constituent parts in three distinct layers, columnated in a tube.

The middle layer is where the action is at. This is where the platelet-rich blood settles. It is also where growth factors necessary to the healing process congregate.

We use a small amount of your own blood, concentrating the portions of it that optimize healing and then placing that concentrate into the area required. We use PRP for implant surgeries, bone grafting or extractions. Essentially anywhere where it’s indicated to speed up and enhance the healing process.

Our body is able to produce the best stuff to heal itself and with the technology in our office, we can help it do so.

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