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Cleanings and Check Ups

Regular dental checkups and cleanings (at least every 6 months) are critical to maintaining overall health. Early signs of oral health issues are often discovered via routine cleanings and checkups, giving our team the chance to treat things like plaque buildup and calculus on teeth before they develop into more serious problems like gum disease.

Buildup of plaque and calculus on the teeth often occurs in areas that are difficult to reach or bothersome for you to take care of. This can cause gum disease. Calculus can only be effectively removed with special instruments. Incipient decay in enamel which, if untreated, can develop into a costly problem months or even years later, in a worst case scenario leading to tooth loss. Early signs of oral cancers can also be discovered and diagnosed.

At Perfect Smile Dental Arts we take routine dental care seriously as it can play a huge role in your overall health! Our relaxed environment filled with diffusing oil aroma will make your appointment one to look forward to. Schedule it now!

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