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Do you have those old black fillings in your teeth? Did you know that the mercury fillings expand over time and make teeth weak and they break teeth? Silver mercury fillings expand and contract with chewing and temperature much differently than the flexible enamel that surrounds them. Over time, this leads to fractures in the enamel. These fractures can then extend deeper into the tooth, leading to pain to biting and temperature, crowns, root canals or the complete fracture of the tooth, leading to extraction. It is important to have these fillings removed early, and replaced with a strong bonded resin or porcelain, before they cause damage to your enamel or fracture your root.

Why should I have my mercury silver fillings removed? What you may not know:
1. Mercury fillings can break teeth.
2. Mercury is a known neurotoxin.
3. Mercury is constantly being released/evaporates off of our fillings when we chew. This vapor is easily absorbed by our body. It can cross the blood brain barrier and go straight to the brain.
4. Many people cannot excrete the mercury from their systems, leading to a toxic overload in many tissues, causing a long list of symptoms.
5. Mercury fillings can react with other metals in your mouth, creating a current that can cause damage to your organ systems.

We are trained with IAOMT protocols. The additional training from the IAOMT provides an education on mercury toxicity as well as the protocols for specialized removal.

At Perfect Smile Dental Arts, we take the whole mouth-body connection seriously! Our relaxed environment filled with diffusing oil aroma will make your appointment one to look forward to. Schedule it now!

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